Back to the point guard issue, he wouldn't be suited to an offense where the point guard has the ball in his hands constantly. But he would be an ideal point guard to pair with someone like Tyreke Evans or Brandon Roy because he doesn't need the ball in his hands and will hit open perimeter shots and has enough handle and general basketball sense to trigger an offense.

Bradley is a very intelligent, alert and committed defender. Those three qualities sound simple to possess, but it is baffling to see how rare it is for so players at this age, and it is all you really need to be comptetent.

When you combine those three attributes, with his length, wingspan and lateral quickness, Bradley becomes a potential lock-down defender of opposing point guards and smaller wings.

I know most people think we need a big man, but Avery Bradley sounds like he would fit into the Raptors pretty well. He wouldn't need the ball in his hands, which would allow Hedo to be the primary ball handler. Also, as a lockdown defender at the point guard position, that would fix a primary weakness, plus indirectly help Bargnani as he wouldn't need to help on defense as much. If Bradley can stop a lot of penetration by opposing point guards, we would not have as much need for a shotblocker.
I'm not saying he would be the answer to all the Rap's problems, but he deserves a good long look.