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Thread: Stein: Bosh Remains Houston's Top Target

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    Quote TM Williamson wrote: View Post
    You said we "could be very competitive without Bosh".

    This year, with Bosh, we were not "very competitive". Not even close.

    Clearly then, you are somehow expecting this team to become better without Chris Bosh. I was simply pointing out that this is not likely to happen.

    And you're talking about what I posted, so clearly you found it worth talking about.

    I would write more, but Tim W. just summed everything up beautifully.
    Where did I say i think this team will be better without Chris Bosh???? please tell me since you seem to know me so well you have the ability to to foresee my thoughts.

    Did you ever think maybe my idea of very competitive might be different then yours? Last year when Bosh was healthy we where a very competitive team, when Bosh was hurt we struggled immensely. Remember we where in 4th place in the east only 3 games behind Atlanta and the Celtics before Bosh got injured. With Bosh out the team had no idea who to run the offense through. However we still competed for a playoff spot only missing out of the post season by 1 game. This team had 9 new guys I expect that everyone on this team to be better next year just based on the fact that they had time to figure some things out, I also expect Jay to do a better job coaching this year.

    I expect next years team can be better then last years team weather or not Bosh is on it as long as B.C makes the right moves. Now let me clarify, the reason I think we can be a better team next year is because all the other players on our team including Jay and the rest of the coaching staff will be better. Bargs is getting better every year, we have 2 solid point guards, 3 good young guns in DeRozan, Weems, Amir and I think BC will do his best to fill the voids if we have to trade Bosh. So yes I think we can still be very competitive without Bosh and No I don't think We are a better team without Chris Bosh.
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    Why not throw the weakly protected picks from New York into the mix (who trading Bosh to anyone but them basically means is going high lottery as they'll end up with no one), take Houston's draft pick next year that then swaps with the Knicks (it's top 1 protected only...), that gives two really high lottery picks if the year is bad, then add the top 5 protected clear pick for 2012 which becomes an unprotected pick in 2013 if its top 5 2012)

    If Houston keeps their core unit, they won't need them anyway and really only got them for this sort of trade.

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