Possibly risky, but yes please. I'd do it in a heartbeat.

One of Bryanís first calls this summer should be to Ray Allen and he should dangle a three-year, full mid-level contract in front of him.

Guy makes big shots, has been in big games and is precisely the kind of old head I think this team really needs.

Now, there are three rather significant problems with that idea so donít think itís going to happen for sure.

The first would be that, given his druthers, Iím sure Allen would prefer to remain in Boston and I have no idea if the Celtics feel the same.

The second would be that to eat up the mid-level exception on him Ė as opposed to a sign-and-trade deal for maybe a package of Antoine Wright and, say, Jarrett Jack or Reggie Evans Ė would cut into money available for Toronto to sign other bits and pieces, although there are always trades and draft picks to take into consideration.

And the third is whether, if thereís no real interest in Boston, Allen would have any interest in joining a less-than-glamourous team thatís been out of the playoffs for two years.
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