Ugh .... quit while you're ahead big man. Your done like dinner.

What I can see him do is playing these last 3 or so years on 3 or 4 championship contending teams by just signing one year deals.

So, what does happen now? O'Neal is a free agent now and wants to keep playing.

"Of course," he said. "I missed 360 games because of injury in my career, so by my calculations I still have 3.7 years left. That means I'm going to play until I'm 41. I've been here 17 years but I've missed a lot of games, so I still feel I can play this game."

He has said he really enjoyed his experience in Cleveland, so he'd consider returning, although many things are undecided at this point, including the status of LeBron James and coach Mike Brown.

"There are a lot of free agents on the team," he said. "We just have to sit back and I'm sure everybody's going to do what's best for them."
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