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Thread: ESPN Insider: Bosh Would Be the Perfect Companion to LeBron

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    Default ESPN Insider: Bosh Would Be the Perfect Companion to LeBron

    Courtesy of Hollinger from ESPN who did an insider article on which NBA superstars would shine brightest next to "King James". Guess who was rated the perfect companion to LeBron?

    The conference finals are under way, but let's be honest: The biggest story in the NBA is LeBron James' upcoming free-agency tour. Nothing less than the future of the league is at stake. OK, that might be a bit extreme, but you can argue that a player of his stature has never been available at such a young age. With that in mind, Insider brings you LeBron Week, a five-part look at every aspect of James' decision. First up, John Hollinger examines the best possible sidekick for LeBron.
    The perfect companion: Chris Bosh

    Bosh hits every check mark on the list above. He's an outstanding midrange shooter who would provide a fearsome weapon on the pick-and-pop, something James has never really had in Cleveland. His offensive rebound rate (9.9 percent) was in the top third of power forwards, which is amazing considering how often he played outside. His turnover rate was in the bottom third and his TS% (59.2) was outstanding.
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    Time for a new campaign: Bring LeBron to T.O.? haha.

    But seriously, I think he is the best fit for LeBron. He is mobile, and rebounds better than STAT. I think Bron should be a point-guard in the style of Magic Johnson. It would certainly avoid the whole PG fading into the night thing that has happened during the playoffs every year.

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    Bosh would be the perfect sidekick for most star wings or PGs.

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