These two would probably end up being the most hated ex-Raptor players of all time (Vince, we already hate, CB, we soon will, trust me!)

One of the threads got me thinking, who's best or worst between Vince and Bosh? In every single aspect?

Before, i really hated Vince coz of the way he left Toronto, i bought into the whole crybaby, always injured, no-dunking sales pitch that the media put out there. And now CB4, with all his tweeting, cant-decide-yet BS, hanging out at lakers games crap, it really got me thinking, should we hate these two equally? Is CB4 worse and Vince's departure is actually justified?? Ooooooohhhh. I hear WTFs all over the place!

The main thing that i realized was with CB, the Raps tried to give him everything. Signed him to a max extension, got players around him that would make him better and the team better and put in coaches and management that he liked. We drafted an athletic wing to compliment his style, we got a PG that suited his game and players that were close to him. Did the raps do that with Vince? they surrounded him with experienced yet old players, drafted a center named Araujo and rumor had it that he didnt want Bosh drafted because he wanted Iggy but they still drafted Bosh.

So which one is more justified? Vince or Bosh's departure? Who's worst of the two?