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Could Colangelo have landed more if he was in the situation? Maybe but maybe he would have rolled the dice on some high risk deals that Babcock steered clear of.
What part of the VC trade wasn't high risk? I mean, aside from Eric and Aaron Williams. Draft picks are high risk. An aging, injury plagued center that didn't want to play in Toronto is another big risk. The VC trade is atrocious, and from the reports at the time it was all because Babcock wanted two picks instead of one. He insisted on two picks and that's why we got screwed so royally.

Colangelo, for all his mistakes, has yet to make one as awful as Babcock. The Hoffa over Iggy pick was dreadful, and the VC trade was even worse. Not trading the #7 and #16 picks for a chance at Chris Paul/Deron Williams was also pretty bad, but maybe that's just hindsight. I actually believe several bloggers would have done a better job than Babcock in his short tenure, and I'm not even exagerating.