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Thread: Lauches (Wade to T.O)

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    Default Lauches (Wade to T.O)


    WADE/BOSH and toronto high school for 2011 raptors season.
    Attention Mr. Wade. Please take 2 minutes of your time to read 10 very enticing arguments to join a legacy in the making.

    1) In toronto, not only do you have a town rooting for you, you have a whole country!
    2)We need max players, like yourself to finance our health care system.
    3)Enjoy the joys of winter 3/4 of years. But don't Worry - Global Warming will catch up soon.
    4) Plenty of sponsorship opportunities. Become to first NBA player to endorse the cock-strap.
    5) Play in VC's legacy
    6) Get reporters to compare your latest alley-oop as a one timer.
    7) Become Punjabi icons
    8)Get Matt Devlin to scream" bang on" every time you shoot.
    9) Unfortunately your T-MOBILE "fav five" is non-applicable in Canada. Charles' bedtime stories will have to be done on the road. Don't worry we have skype.
    10) Live in anonymity. You might get mistaken for P.K. Suban.

    kidding aside, how do we get Flash to T.O. I wonder if lebron's, wade, Bosh and Johnson players summit will cost 863 million?
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    Quote Season wrote: View Post
    kidding aside, how do we get Flash to T.O.
    I can only think of the sack method:

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