How about incuding Turk in the S&T for Bosh? Here's my take:

We do a 3-Team trade with the Rockets and the Sixers and unload both Calderon and Turkoglu's contracts.

To Houston:
- Chris Bosh (16.8M next year)
- Jose Calderon (9M next year)

To Philadelphia:
- Hedo Turkoglu (9.8M next year)
- Jared Jeffries (6.8M next year-expiring)
- Marcus Banks (4.8M next year-expiring)

To Toronto:
- Aaron Brooks (2M next year)
- Evan Turner (about 4-5M on his rookie-scale contract-if he goes 2nd)
- Shane Battier (7.3M next year)
- Jordan Hill (2.6M next year)
- Elton Brand (16M next year)
- Future 2nd Round Picks/Cash Considerations

Couple of things to think about from this trade:

- Houston gets Bosh(whom they really want), also stated that the Rockets are okay with parting with Brooks if it's in exchange for Bosh, they'll also get Calderon either as a starter or a backup. They'll also have to use their Trade Exception which is about 4.7M because Bosh and Calderon together will be about 25.8M, and the players' salaries that they're shipping out has a total of about 21M, and so they have to use their Trade Exception to make the salaries match.

- Philadelphia has said many times that they need a "pure" point guard. But why would they get one if they already have Lou Williams and Jrue Holiday? Even though both of them are more of a "combo guard", having Turkoglu on their team means Turk can be their facilitator or point-forward, which he did not get a chance to do in Toronto. They can also unload Elton Brand's MASSIVE contract, but they're going to have to give their 2nd pick as a payment!

- Toronto gets Aaron Brooks, who can be a franchise player in the future, Shane Battier who is a very good defender and a great presence in the locker room, Jordan Hill who is a young talent and can certainly improve as he gains more experience, Evan Turner who can also be a future franchise player and can be a great complement with Brooks, and Elton Brand who has a BAD MASSIVE contract but at least he has a shorter contract than Turkoglu, right?

This can leave us with a line-up of:
PG- Aaron Brooks, Jarret Jack
SG- Evan Turner, Sonny Weems, Marco Bellineli
SF- Shane Battier, Demar DeRozan
PF- Elton Brand, Jordan Hill, Reggie Evans
C- Andrea Bargnani, Ekpe Udoh/Daniel Orton/Hassan Whiteside

*I left Amir out of the lineup because I am assuming he isn't going to come back if we already have Jordan Hill and if we pick a big man at 13th.*