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Thread: Raptors vs Pacers - Live Blog Nov 24

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    Default Raptors vs Pacers - Live Blog Nov 24

    123-112 Final: Raps win! Too much offense for the Pacers to handle, good team-play at the end pays off. Raps survive Granger's 36. Jack's 18 on 7-7 gets my player of the game. Goodnight!

    121-109 Raps 2:57 4th: Raps moving the ball very well, Jack makes 'em pay with another three. He's 7-7 tonight. Bargnani's finding his game in the mid-range area, a nice slip of a screen leads to an open 10footer before Bosh powers his way for a tough hook. He's got 14/10. Granger looks a little fatigued, missed an open J on the break. Raps look like they have this one.

    Devlin just said Look at that in a really creepy way, he was talking about Granger's stats but the Raps cheerleaders were on the TV.

    113-103 Raps 7:07 4th: Turk and Murphy trade two threes and Bargnani steps-in for a baseline jumper. Granger left open on the switch for another three but we're matching them for points now. Amir Johnson and Belinelli giving the Raps some defensive hustle, Johnson especially. TJ Ford bails us out by taking a bad three. Raps get the rebound and Triano calls timeout. He wants to convey to the team that if we play some defense on three or four possessions, this game is over.

    105-96 Raps 10:36 4th: Bargnani hits two jumpers, maybe that'll get him going. Raptors giving up too many offensive rebounds - Foster gave IND two extra possessions, luckily Granger missed the looks. We also got to keep Brandon Rush in check, he's got 11 points and is 3-4 from threes.

    100-92 Raps End 3rd: Jarrett Jack with two massive three-point plays, first a step-back three as the defender went under and then a screen split for an And1. Raps turning the ball over as Turkoglu going 1on1 isn't working out. Indiana getting any shot they want, Raps helping incorrectly and leaving shooter's open. Granger with another hoop towards the end and Rush has nailed a couple open looks. Raps need to pick up the intensity on D and go inside to Bosh. Indiana shot 65% in that quarter.

    90-79 Raps 2:45 3rd: Jose with a couple scores and the Raptors going back inside now to Bosh but Indiana guards getting to the rim too easily. Watson and Jones having an impact for Indiana as Rasho (in for Bargnani) gives the Raptors a bit of a boost on the other end. He's ahead of Johnson in the rotation for this game. Belinelli's thrown some very risky passes, everybody needs to calm down and make solid defense a priority. This is now a game, no lead is safe.

    83-70 Raps 6:11 3rd: Granger just torn into DeRozan with 11 points. Rookie got benched in favor of Wright. Raps settling for jumpers, some good blocks by Bosh have kept them at bay. Bargnani's having a god-awful game - fouls, turnovers, you name it. Jose's offense is still there, he's got 4 in the quarter. TJ just had a 3-pt play and is beating the Raps perimeter players too easily, the bigs are late to react on high-screen beats.

    74-53 Raps Halftime: That's how the half ends. Raps shooting 5-9 3FG, Pacers on 2-11 3FG. Raps offense clicking like the Chinese economy. Pacers not bad with 53 points but their defense has been absolutely brutal. Effort level to be questioned all around for them. TJ's got 10/3/1 on 4-6FG. Calderon with 15/3/5 on 5-6FG. Raps dominating despite bad games from Bosh and Bargnani.

    74-53 Raps 1:07 2nd: Raps touch 74 points. They're shooting 65%, Indiana turnovers leading to easy Raptor points. Jose's playing great, he's got five assists and all of them have set up easy baskets. Jack and Jose lineup working well moving the ball up and down the court, Indiana not playing transition D helping a lot.

    57-44 Raps 5:58 2nd: JJ with 7 points on 3-3 including a three. He's playing inspired! Pacers are 1-9 from three, Murphy and Granger missing good looks. This stretched also saw Rasho and Hibbert go at each other again, good battle between the ex-teammates. Belinelli and Jack showing good chemistry out there.

    48-39 Raps 8:25 2nd: Granger's two fouls had sent him to the bench early but he's picking up pace now. 11 points for the guy who should've been a Raptor. Johnson was the second big off the bench today but he's still made a good impact with a nice offensive rebound for 2. Belinelli's also come up with a deep three and some nice passing.

    39-31 Raps End 1: Turk hits a J off a screen (3-3FG) and Jack drives hard to the rim for two. Raps shooting 57%. Pacers at 44%. Pacers almost erased the lead until this last little spurt by the Raps. No lead is safe for us. 39 points is a season-high for the quarter.

    30-25 Raps 2:50 1st: Tyler Hansbrough has hit a couple tough hooks over Andrea Bargnani. Rasho and Hibbert both had a couple scores, Hibbert's looking good out there, we sure could've used him. Jose with 10 now, the pace of the game has slowed down considerably. Bosh and Bargnani a combined 2-7. Earl Watson is having an early impact as well, some really good high-IQ passes.

    23-16 Raps 5:26 1st: Jose with 7, TJ with 7. Bosh finally hits a jumper, it's a high-tempo game so far with lots of jumpers being launched.

    8:33 12-12 1st: Indiana ties it at 12 and it's all TJ folks. A great And1 drive against Jose and then throws a quarterback pass to Murphy for another And1 - Bargnani with a bad foul. Bosh is 0-3.

    Raps off to a 13-6 start. Jose's hustling and DD's got a quick 6. Indiana's all perimeter so far, they've taken three threes so far - all bricks. DeRozan and Hedo going straight at Brandon Rush.

    Raptors are: Calderon, DeRozan, Turkoglu, Bargnani, Bosh
    Pacers are: Ford, Rush, Granger, Foster, Murphy

    Carmina Burana going off at the ACC. Nice enough intro, the Dance Pak is definitely much improved over last year. BC's made some good signings indeed.

    Arsenalist with you here. Raps about to take on the Pacers. All hands except Evans on deck for the Raps.

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    Thanks for these updates Arse. I'm all over the house tonight and not getting a chance to watch it all.

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