Hey guys,

This might be a strange request but would anyone happen to have the contact info for the Raptors announcer Herbie Kuhn? We were kinda fooling around at the studio the other day and came up with a cool idea for a Raptors Anthem (link below). I would like have Herbie do the intro for the song..

Also, if anyone has a bit of video editing skills, you could put together a Raptors highlight video for the song, I'm sure the guys at Raptors Republic could use a cool promo video as well!

A draft of the song can be found at - http://www.sendspace.com/file/hekitp

Even if we cant get Herbie on the track, anyone with a good strong voice (and the love for Raptors) are welcome to do the intro! Feel free to contact me if you can help out in anyway!