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Thread: No Defense On the Floor, True, But No Defense Elsewhere As Well

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    Default No Defense On the Floor, True, But No Defense Elsewhere As Well

    You know, I've read multiple media types who have defended the Cavs against the likes of "big market" fans who are sports writers, big name free agents uncorking the bottle on an endless flow of opinions and commentary, coaches dreaming, undisclosed peeps who need not feel the weight of accountability, the President of the United States, and pretty much anyone else that can be used to fill a gap in the supply of sports gossip. Through all this I cannot think of any defender of the Raptors on the Chris Bosh front. Now I'm not sure if Bosh maxed out for six years, making Jermaine O'Neal money, is the best choice or not but through the tweet circus and swirling rumors from the shadows, is there no Knight in the media, a Champion of the Toronto Raptors fans and the city itself, who has said "enough is enough, back off. Don't Toronto fans deserve better from you? Haven't they suffered enough?!". I mean, yeah, defenders of the Cavs point out Cleveland's long history of sports suffering but why don't these guys go talk to some Leafs or Blue Jays fans for a day. You won't find a more depressing group outside of a Jann Arden concert...

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    Nash said Bosh should re-sign with Toronto.

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