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    Default FA Power Rankings

    Below is my top 50 FA power rankings:

    1. LeBron James
    2. Dwayne Wade
    3. Chris Bosh
    4. Amare Stoudemire
    5. Dirk Nowitzki
    6. Joe Johnson
    7. Rudy Gay (R)
    8. Carlos Boozer
    9. David Lee
    10. Luis Scola
    11. Ray Allen
    12. Brendan Haywood
    13. Tyrus Thomas (R)
    14. Udonis Haslem
    15. Jermaine O'Neal
    16. Al Harrington
    17. Zydrunas Ilgauskas
    18. Shaquille O'Neal
    19. Anthony Tolliver (R)
    20. Ben Wallace
    21. Brad Miller
    22. Drew Gooden
    23. Mike Miller
    24. Nate Robinson
    25. Chris Duhon
    26. Josh Childress (R)
    27. Ronnie Brewer (R)
    28. Travis Outlaw
    29. Josh Howard
    30. Ray Felton
    31. Luke Ridnour
    32. Amir Johnson
    33. Dorell Wright (R)
    34. Hakim Warrick
    35. Tracy McGrady
    36. Kyle Lowry (R)
    37. Steve Blake
    38. Anthony Morrow (R)
    39. Randy Foye (R)
    40. Larry Hughes
    41. Darko Milicic
    42. Rasual Butler
    43. Marquis Daniels
    44. Shannon Brown
    45. Ronald Murray
    46. Roger Mason
    47. Craig Smith
    48. Matt Bonner
    49. Will Bynum (R)
    50. C.J. Watson (R)

    I left off a bunch of guys who could arguably be in here. Jerry Stackhouse says he plans to hook in with someone mid season, like he did this year. I wish I could have fit Rafer Alston in, it was a toss up between him and C.J. for 50th. You won't see AI on the list and it's because I feel he burned his bridges and will retire. So many people could be argued for the bottom half, especially when we enter the 40's so go easy on me.
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