Yikes, what's the date again? The people at Yahoo Sports take their football seriously and with a great deal of enthusiasm. They've already opened up registration on NFL fantasy leagues (I will wait a little to create a league) and they've posted their first edition of fantasy player rankings.

Let's look at the Top 40:

First thing I noticed was OMG where is Tom Brady!? Looks like they neglected to put him in there... At the bottom Patriots fans were outraged, Joe posted "Ok Tom Brady Tom Brady Tom Brady! WHO THE HELL PUT RYAN MATHEWS, C'MON MAN! TB12 will never drop to the sixth round". I know some Patriots fans and so I'm loving this, to see them hurt like that.

Next up MDJ is #3... This guy is a heart breaker. Yahoo slots him high every damn year and every year he breaks some hearts. Oh, he'll post some big numbers but he never does it with consistency. Me, I like consistency. 40fpt one week is great but what about the 6fpt the next week? I want to win both games damn it.

Moving on, Mendenhall 9th overall? Did they even watch the last four weeks of the season?

Then we have Ryan Matthews. Looks like they're trying to hook in with a guy they feel could have an AP rookie season. For me, I don't know. I don't like drafting rookies unless they're on the defensive side. The reason is that high profile rookie offensive players typically go high in the draft where as high profile rookie defensive players go in the back of the draft. Less risk. Matthews should be a good one, will enter into a system that's nice for runner but I don't know... Maybe round two but not round one where he is now. You shouldn't be taking any risks in the first few rounds. Those guys need to be your bread and butter and if you draft a bust you're hooped for the season most likely unless you can find a gem on the wire.

Calvin Johnson at 15th. One spot behind Reggie Wayne. That sucks. It sucks because Wayne should be the next receiver taken after Andre Johnson, sorry Randy, and it sucks because they're telling people to draft Calvin Johnson over the likes of Larry Fitzgerald, Miles Austin and DeSean Jackson. Johnson's QB situation may have improved tremendously but he's still a rookie QB playing for the Lions. Bad move taking him there, which would probably be early 2nd round.

I could go on but I'll stop there. What do you think of Yahoo's first player rankings of the season?