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Like earlier posts mentioned, no one is really winning here. It's just a change of scenario type of trade and the pros/cons of both players pretty much balance each other out.

However, people always talk about team cohesiveness and that very rarely do you get a team that's been together for a long time. I would think familiarity and having played with each other before has some impact on performance and is an intangible characteristic. Would this trade make sense then? Is Williams, who might be a better scorer, worst distributor and same defensive ability as Calderon worth undermining the team chemistry/cohesiveness?

Maybe if we got a better defender in return, then it would make the team better, so yes. But I'd rather keep Calderon and stick with the familiarity factor than get Williams.
A point but I dont think anyone can dispute that Williams is quicker than Calderon. I am unsure about the true defensive capabilities of WIlliams (havent watched enough of his defensive game) so it must be seen how he would fare in a retooled Raptors system. I dont think we should diminish the 3 mill. savings in the 2 contracts to either get under the cap or acquire another player. Also with Bosh possibily leaving and prospects of a large turnover the familiarity argument gets diluted some. Williams was pretty good with his alleyoops to LJ.