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The problem with Lou Williams is he's a tweener. I don't understand how you say he's not a pure PG, but is an ideal running mate to DeRozan and Weems. If he's not a pure PG, who on earth is going to run the offense? The one thing Williams has proven is that he's not a PG.

I do like Young, and I have no problem trading the 13th pick, but I'd rather not trade Belinelli. I know, I know, many of you don't like him, but I still think he's going to be a very good player.

As for the trade as a whole, I do think the Raptors do end up with some talented players. I'd still like to see them get the 2nd pick, though.
I could see where that could get confusing, but Lou avg over 4 dimes a season last year with the Princeton offense which doesn't gear towards point guards. The guy is ideal because he can keep up with Derozan, Weems and Johnson whereas Jose and Jack can't. He isn't a pure pg, but scoring pg's seems to be the new breed anyways. Weems creates his own offense and Derozan will hopefully show up to camp with a handle so I don't think there would really be a problem kick starting the offense.

Imagine Lou and Thad were in the draft, would they not go before #13?
I like this draft and think #13 isn't a bad spot to be, but if you can turn possibilities into reality, you do that every day of the week.

Jack is a nice player, but he's not a starter and can't really play the two guard. Have people not watched 76er games? Lou Wiliams was a breakout star last year before he got injured. Young is a versatile 21 year old big man who can play inside and out. Both guys might not pan out, but there is much greater chance one of them does than the #13 pick.