Another awful night for Jack/Calderon. I turned off the game at the 6:30 mark of the fourth quarter. I did not want to endure another embarrassing loss where our floor “generals” were not playing with their head.
Both Calderon and Jack were combined for 4 for 15 from the field and they had a total of +/- for the night of -25. I will repeat this again MINUS 25. Everyone played poorly. They did not have flow, they showed no aggressiveness and above all they were combined for 8 turnovers. Some players are gamers others are game killers…..

I know it’s too early to be dreaming about trades but if I were a GM for a day I would seriously push to acquire Chris Paul. I am not sure what combination of bench/starting players would take from both teams to make this happen but the centerpieces of the trade would be Paul and Calderon.

How would this be feasible you ask? I am not sure, hence the dream…..