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Thread: Doug Smith: "Chill on this trade kicker thing with Hedo"

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    I disagree on that. Bass and Amir have different skill sets and i dont think GMs give much value on per game stats instead of their overall impact to the game. I think also correct comparison would be Landry, not Bass. And you're missing one important thing too: this summer there will be lots of money on the market. Where do you think that goes after esp Lebron, Wade, Bosh, Amare, Joe Johnson and Boozer pick their choices? Watch last Chicago and NY games again and see how he progressed his game through the end of season. Add a bit bulk and give him a starter role then let him find his ceiling.

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    @RaptorsDevotee - Doug Smith keeps saying that Turk is still highly regarded around the league outside of TO. Do you agree, is he trade-able?

    @Eric__Smith - Yes. I think NBA coaches & GMs are smart enough to not write a guy off after one sub-par year.
    Source: Eric Smith's Blog

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