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Thread: Dwyane Wade in LA Recruiting Chris Bosh, ‘Summit’ Taking Place?

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    Default Dwyane Wade in LA Recruiting Chris Bosh, ‘Summit’ Taking Place?

    Dwyane Wade in LA Recruiting Chris Bosh, ‘Summit’ Taking Place?
    By Larry Brown | June 10, 2010 - Posted in Basketball

    Aside from hosting one of the teams participating in this year’s NBA Finals, Los Angeles has been a busy place on the basketball scene. On Sunday, both Carmelo Anthony and Chris Bosh were at Staples Center watching Game 2 between the Lakers and Celtics. Though Melo watched from a tunnel leading to the Lakers’ locker room, Bosh spent his time watching in the lower bowl. According to CBS’ Ken Berger, LeBron James was also in Los Angeles and was supposed to attend the game with Melo before deciding he didn’t want to upstage the Finals by showing up. Despite not attending Game 2, LeBron was spotted dining at BOA Steakhouse in LA with Geffen Records chairman Jimmy Iovine, helping fuel rumors that Geffen was trying to buy the Clippers and bring LeBron to Los Angeles. While that recap covers two of the big names from the blockbuster 2010 free agency pool, one player was noticeably missing. Until now.

    At the same time the Miami Heat staff was busy throwing free agent Udonis Haslem a surprise birthday party to try and convince him to stay in Miami, it appears as if Dwyane Wade was busy doing some recruiting of his own. Wade was spotted dining at BOA Steakhouse on Sunset along with girlfriend Gabrielle Union, Raptors free agent to be Chris Bosh, and a few others as part of a small late-night gathering at the restaurant. Normally we wouldn’t think anything of a few All-Star NBA players getting together for dinner, but this isn’t your typical set of circumstances.
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    The official off-season hasnt started yet, but last year CB4 was nowhere to be heard from as he dedicated his summer/off-season to working out hard and adding some weight. So far since the end of the season, he's gone on a couple of vacations, twitted daily about what he's eaten and shown up at Laker games and on the set of Entourage. He seems to be caught up in the luxuries of life at the moment...which is all good since it was a long , hard season, and he may well be starting his training again in the next few months, but I just don't sense that urgency in him to get better this summer, it seems he thinks he's already at that superstar level. Demar tweets all the time about getting in his workout and is playing summer ball already, CB just seems to be in Celebrity mode ATM and just wants to be seen. Maybe he thinks he doesnt have to train as hard when he's just gonna be someone elses Robin??

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    There is always the possibility that he is working out hard but this years things he's doing while he's not working out are under the microscope due to free agency where as last off-season no one in the mainstream American media gave a damn where he was.

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    ew, wade is dating gabriel union. i hate her. her cahracter is so bitchy in flash forward.
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