Hedo's a unique player in the sense that he's big (6'10) and can pass (he was averaging almost 5 assist with Orl), the combination of the 2 allows him to be a matchup nightmare. so lets pretend that if he stays with the raptors for a second, and we manage to trade up in the draft to Nab another player that causes match up problems in Greg Monroe. In Greg Monroe, we get a C, 6-11, 240lb, and average almost 4 assist/gm. Raptors could revolutionize the centre position and be the first to have a"point-centre" facilitating the offense.
Now if we pair up Monroe with Turkolu, we get 2 good passers who could feed the rest of the team, especially when you have 2 athletic marvels in Weems/ Derozan, they would run wild !