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Thread: Sign and Trade to Keep Bosh

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    Default Sign and Trade to Keep Bosh

    As many people believe, CB4 might leave simply because he feels that the Raptors have no chance at winning a championship. I have constructed a sign and trade that might convince CB4 to stay. (This might have been suggested before)

    Toronto trades: Hedo, Calderon, Sonny Weems, and 13 pick

    Atlanta trades: Joe Johnson, Marvin Williams

    Atlanta does this trade simply because they need some sort of compensation in return of Joe Johnson. He is for sure 100% going to leave. Marvin Williams would have to be added here simply because he too is overpaid and they would want to get rid of him. Atlanta would accept this trade because Mike Bibby has proven not to be a good starting point guard as he is getting too old. They get a solid replacement in Weems, who the Raptors trade instead of trading Demar because he is simply more loved in the organization. They also get Hedo... idk why but maybe they think he could be that x factor they need.

    Atlanta wasnt far from getting to the eastern confrence finals. Joe johnson just gave up. Players like sonny weems could be a good fit and still keep the hawks relevant in the eastern confrence.

    This obviously convinces CB4 that the Raptors have an actual chance of competing in the eastern conference. nothing else. The raptors dont become final contendors, but they become a seroius threats.

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    Tell me. What colour is the sky in your world?

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    obviously red, orange and blue at the same time, look at his portrait!

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