Toronto Trades: Chris Bosh, Hedo Turkoglu
Toronto Receives: Udonis Haslem (SnT, 6.5 mil/year), Michael Beasley, 2xMiami 2010 picks (#18, #41), Toronto's future first rounder (plus about a $15 million trade exception)

Toronto Trades: Jarret Jack, Marco Belinelli, #13 pick
Philli Trades: Lou Williams, Thaddeus Young

Toronto resigns Amir Johnson (4.5 mil/year)

Miami's Roster:

SG: Dwayne Wade/Daquean Cook
SF: Hedo Turkoglu
PF: Chris Bosh

+ 2 second round picks (42, 48)

Total Salary = $45.63 million, so they still have about $11 million to round out the roster (not including rookies)

Philli's Roster:

PG: Jrue Holiday/Jarret Jack
SG: Marco Belinelli/Willie Green/Jodie Meeks
SF: Andre Igoudala/Jason Kapono
PF: Elton Brand/Jason Smith
C: Samuel Dalembert/Mareese Speights

+ 2 picks (Evan Turner and ???)

Toronto's Roster:

PG: Jose Calderon/Lou Williams/Marcus Banks
SG: DeMar DeRozan/Sonny Weems
SF: Thaddeus Young
PF: Udonis Haslem/Michael Beasley/Reggie Evans
C: Andrea Bargnani/Amir Johnson

+ 2 picks = 13 players for training camp (Alabi + Stanley Robinson?)
+ $15 million trade exception.
Total Salary = $62.1 million (not including rookies)
Expiring Contracts = Thaddeus Young (2.9 million, has qualifying offer), Michael Beasley (4.96 million, has team option), Reggie Evans ($5 million), Marcus Banks ($4.75 million), Sonny Weems ($0.85 million)

The first thing you'll notice is this team is much more athletic. Second is that our front court consists of 2 offensive players and 2 defensive players, allowing a lot of flexibility for Triano to use in games. The main problem with the roster is that the only distributor is Jose Calderon, but with 2 picks and a $15 mil trade exception, it's possible to solve that problem.