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    We need one. I need to talk football or I get the shakes. I need an intervention or something.

    So I took the day off work. I have a bunch of flex days that I can't carry over to the New Year with my regular vac time. I'm here today lazying on the couch watching the American Thanks Giving Day game (one of three):

    Green Bay Packers Vs. Detroit Lions

    I love American Thanks Giving Day because it falls on a Canadian regular work day, which means my girlfriend isn't around to give him grief about lazying around watching football. Good game so far...For anyone who isn't a dirty Lions fan that is!

    I know, I'm horrible but I hate the Lions, what can I say? And they never do anything to ever help themselves. Poor personnel decisions which have led to poor drafting, signing, etc.... I did read yesterday that they're talking with Mike Shanahan. That would be a smart hiring because Mike did a lot of great things in Denver. I have a lot of respect for him and it was sad to start up Madden 10 and for the first time in over a decade not being able to keep a tradition going, selecting Mike's West coast offense scheme for my team.

    Back on course, Stafford has been picked three times already today...Which would be great for my Packers if they could move the chains. The Lions are really playing well on D today.

    ...Rogers just fumbled on 4th and 2... The words I'm thinking right now would make Richard Pryor blush. Anyway, the NFL Thread. Think, post, argue. Let's talk football.
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