Yikes ... I don't see how Colangelo can improve this team a significant amount this summer. I hope he can pull off some amazing tricks, but at this point I'm not a believer.

Q: Hey Doug, at what point do we hold Bryan Colangelo's feet to the fire? When will he be on the proverbial "hot seat"? In his defense (somewhat) he's never tried to do a re-build through the draft, I believe because of his initial success. Long question cut short(ish) if this off-season ends up with the Raptors coming out on the losing end will the big time decision makers allow Bryan Colangelo to try and re-build this team (through the draft or not)?

Bill V, Toronto

A: He’s on the hot-seat now. And it doesn’t matter how close you hold his feet to the fire, he knows what he’s up against and just because fans are clamouring for more success doesn’t mean he’s going to work harder. He’s worked to the best of his abilities since he got the job.

And if the Raptors go down in flames again this season with little appearance of improvement, I would imagine ownership might look long and hard at making a change.
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