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Thread: [2nd/30th Offensively /Defensively ] When adjusted for pace

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    Default [2nd/30th Offensively /Defensively ] When adjusted for pace

    So according to KnickerBlogger.Net we are

    2nd Offensively (we were first before the CHA game)


    30th Defensively

    And its not like we are a close 30th, we are running away with it soundly.

    Toronto, 116.4 (30)
    Memphis, 112.3 (29)
    New Orleans 110.4 (28)
    Phoenix 110.4 (27)
    Philadelphia 110.3 (26)
    Lakers 100.0 (3)
    Boston 99.0 (2)
    Charlotte 98.5 (1)

    Here are some articles on Iavaroni being fired.

    "But the Griz began to lose games they should have won — especially at home — and players lost confidence in Iavaroni’s system."

    Of greater concern to Heisley and Wallace, sources say, is the increasingly and openly negative atmosphere around such a young team, which appears to have changed Heisley's urgency in terms of evaluating his coach. Without naming Iavaroni, several players were highly critical of the team's strategy, development and identity in Sunday editions of the Commercial Appeal.

    "We don't have an identity," rookie center Marc Gasol told the newspaper. "We don't have one. We run around like chickens with our heads cut off. Youth can be a good thing, but we use it as an excuse.

    "We're always making excuses. We make excuses to the referees and to our teammates. We make excuses in practice. That's all some people want to do is make excuses. You're never going to get anywhere like that."

    High-scoring swingman Rudy Gay was even more critical, saying: "I know the things we're working on [haven't] worked. We ain't got no chemistry."
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