I'm not saying this to be spiteful or as a disgruntled fan right now, but as a solution to a team with no direction or identity. Rasho obviously isn't a long term fix by any means and eventhough he's slower than a tortoise, right now he's the kind of support Bosh needs in the front court. Someone to help clear space in the paint, someone who has fantastic awareness not to mention a keen knack of rolling off the perfect pick and someone who is strong on the offensive glass creating second hand chances.

Contracts shouldn't dictate who starts and who comes off the bench, but unfortunately that's what happens. Until Bargnani wakes up and shows some grit, I'd prefer to see him come off the bench. Jay sent a message to Bargnani by benching him in the 4th quarter tonight which made me happy, but anyone who thinks this kid is the player we're going to build around in the future is kidding themselves and dare I say somewhat delusional.