Hmmm ... this was a quote courtesy of Feschuk after Wednesday's massacre to the hands of the Bobcats. I wonder what Wright said after last night's embarrassment.

Anyhow, Wright is absolutely right. Someone needs to step up and be a leader on this team. Vocal and let their presence be heard and seen on the court. Its sad how we don't have that and no one seems all that eager to step up. Perhaps Wright is now taking it upon himself to be that guy.

Raptors guard/forward Antoine Wright suggested that his teammates change their approach heading into Friday night's game against the Celtics.

Wright enlisted star Chris Bosh to help change the team's attitude after a 35-point loss to Charlotte earlier in the week.

He told Bosh, " 'Hey, you've got guys in here eating popcorn, joking around before the game. And we go out there and lose by 40. It's a direct result of what's going on before the game. Guys not coming in with the right mind frame.' "

Bosh agreed with Wright's assessment.

"Guys get ready in their own way, but I think as a team we could do a lot to get better focused," Bosh said. "Just staying on each other and making sure we're ready to play. It's something we'll talk about."
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