One thing I like about Triano is, he can be pretty candid on occasion. Even at times when I wouldn't expect it, like when answering questions about CB4, as from all media would make you think the one goal this season is to please Bosh and entice him to stay. But a reporter asked Triano about Bosh, kind of disputing reports that his conditioning isn't up to snuff, and if Triano thought it was just pride. Triano said it wasn't Bosh's words that convince him Bosh is out of shape it's the video and the video doesn't lie.

He said it showed Bosh watching rebounds, not bothering to getting out to cover guys, and Triano says it must be fatigue even if Bosh says it's not because they know what 100% Bosh looks like. He also said, that Bosh is coachable and listens when the Coach says, "Hey Chris I think you are out of shape". Seems like JT is not using kid gloves at all when it comes to CB and so far has been one of his harshest critics. It's not like the media is having to coax this out of him, and it's not like the "on edge fan base" will not see or hear these comments. I hope CB get's his wind or whatever and it doesn't become an issue. If it goes into the season and remains an issue, do you think Jay has the stones to sit him down the stretch in games if he's giving up too much defensively?