I usually don't agree with Doug, but he couldn't be more right this morning. Let the team and the players have it. Its different when its people like you or I are expressing the same sentiments on a message board or blog, but when one of the more focal Raptors beat writers start talking about it I hope someone from the team is taking it in.

I donít imagine thereís a sane-thinking person in the world who isnít (a) disgusted or (b) embarrassed or (c) shocked that no one Ė NO ONE Ė even bothered to take a menacing step towards Paul Pierce after he kneed Chris Bosh in the groin and then took a second to stand over him and taunt after dunking on him in the fourth quarter last night.

I guess I should add (d) surprised to that list because itís been a flaw with this team for eons, that lack of toughness.

Now, Iím not advocating fighting or something ridiculous like that but some finger-pointing, yelling, gesturing or just letting him know that kind of punk move is unacceptable would have been in order.

It was Rasho, Turkolgu, Jose and Jack who were on the floor at the time of the play and one of them should have done something and that was pointed out in just about every story after the game.

What I want to see is if all this talk is cheap or not. This kind of thing will happen again, Iím sure, because teams know they can get away with it and Iím wondering just how these guys will react when it does.

Will they cower? Or actually do something to stand up for a teammate?
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