The word has been spreading that BC is trying to get a second pick in the first round. The Bulls have one up for sale at #17. This is about where Damion James would go. Most people have James slotted between 16-23.

I was told by one the reporters that covers the Raptors that James was in last June, before he withdrew, for a couple of workouts and an interview or vice versa. That may be why he wasn't in this year. Then of course BC and Kelly might have decided that the Raptors don't "need a lock down defender".

Damion James: James wasn't a highlight machine at Texas, but for four years he was an effective scorer and premiere defender for the Longhorns. Even if he can't shoot the NBA 3-pointer, his body of work on the defensive end should warrant a late first-round pick.

"He can step in right away and play," Blake said. "He is a guy that has proven, not just because of his ability on the defensive end, but he's improved his offensive ability too. He's now a threat from 20 feet. Again, not a guy you want to let someone else get. If you need that lockdown defender, he can be that guy.
Bulls Will Consider Dealing 17th Pick

Jun 19, 2010 10:27 AM EST

The Bulls have the 17th overall pick in next week's NBA Draft and it appears to be available.

Chicago general manager Gar Forman told the team's web site that he'd consider trading the pick if the right situation arises.

Forman added that the Bulls have had some discussions about dealing the pick to create additional cap space, but that trading the selection by itself is "not significant enough" to make a deal.

"It would have to be the pick with a combination of something else," Forman said.