2010 NBA Draft, Who Ya Got, Avery Bradley or Eric Bledsoe?
By TRW Staff June 19, 2010

TRW continues its Who Ya Got? column with a look at Avery Bradley of Texas and Eric Bledsoe of Kentucky.

Here, two of our writers each took a player and made their case for that particular player.

The conversation doesnt end with our opinions though, so in the comments let us know: Who Ya Got?

The Case for Avery Bradley Guard | 6′3″ | 180 lbs

A 63 shooting guard for the Texas Longhorns, Avery Bradley may have to adjust to playing point guard in the NBA as he is undersized at the two spot. Although only playing one year under head coach Rick Barnes, Bradley had a solid year for Texas in the Big 12; his best performance coming at home against Colorado, going off for 29 points, nine rebounds, and three assists.

Its hard to project how Bradley will perform as a point guard at the next level because he was rarely asked to do so in college. He only averaged two assists per night; with six assists against Iowa State being the most he had all year. Being a shooting guard, you would expect much more from Bradley at the charity stripe. He struggled mightily there, only hitting 55 percent of his shots................

The Case for Eric Bledsoe Guard | 6′2″ | 192 lbs

Eric Bledsoe spent his freshman season playing behind John Wall at Kentucky. What many people dont know is that Bledsoe is more of a point guard than a shooting guard, despite his ability to score that he showed while at Kentucky. He possesses length and speed that rivals any player in his class and that translates well on his ability to defend either guard position at the next level.

The best game we saw Bledsoe play from a scouting perspective was probably the game he dominated Eastern Tennessee State where he put up 29 points on eight of nine shooting from behind the arc.

From a physical standpoint Bledsoe is undersized, but measured out well at the combine with a long wingspan that should help him to guard shooting guards at the next level. It isnt proven that he could run an offense, but we have faith that hell be able to revert back to his high school skill set. That will be a big question going forward for Bledsoe though.............
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