Jack Armstrong did a nice piece with TSN this morning giving his two cents on how he would like to see things roll out for the Raptors this summer and down the road.

Jack seems to be going to the way of starting a rebuild now and build for the future instead of what most fans want today, that being "hit a homerun" now and see moves can be made this summer with the hopes that the team does something sooner rather than later.

So, we've beaten a dead horse with all these trade proposals involving Bosh, Jose, Hedo, Nav Bhatia, etc, but right now where would you guys like to see things go? Fix the problems NOW and try and be a contender immediately or building something over the next couple seasons with the hopes of being a contender a few years from now and a team that will remain strong for years to come ala the Pistons from 2001-2008 as Jack mentioned?

It's most important to consider that it's unlikely to expect the Raptors to be playing in the NBA Finals next season. The Eastern Conference Finals aren't likely either. Who knows if they'll even be good enough to compete for a playoff spot. Lets be realistic. This is about building a sustainable championship-caliber organization and the next few moves will decide whether the proper pieces are in place to build that type organization. In my opinion, they should make moves that make sense in 2012, 2013 and beyond. I'd rather wait and make sharp under-the-radar moves that make sense in building a team (EX: Detroit Pistons 2001-08). Build a team that is around for the long haul and is successful rather than trying to hit a home run and risk striking out with names that might wow you rather than get you wins. The Raptors should just use good Ol' fashioned common sense and do what's right instead of what's popular. Long term thinking is key.
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