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Thread: Proposal - Hello Steve Nash?

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    Quote Nick wrote: View Post
    Why does everybody have to think like a GM? Sometimes your allowed to think like a fan, and anybody Canadian bball fan would give up any Raptor for this deal.
    Well, if you're proposing trades, then you're pretending you're a GM. And if you're a fan of Nash at all you would never want him to go to a team that had no chance at a Championship.

    Quote Vimsanity wrote: View Post
    ...actually yes. This is supposed to be a short term deal in efforts to keep Bosh in Toronto. If he stays and and we get deeper into the playoffs, there is a greater chance of good free agents being attracted once Nash's tenure is over. If we do get to steal a point guard like Avery Bradley, there is no doubt that Nash will help him develop better than Jack or Calderon ever will.
    I'm shocked at how short-sighted you guys are. You're like drug addicts, so desperate for the short high of an extended playoff run that you'd sacrifice the future of the franchise to do it. Haven't the last four years taught you anything? The point is not just to keep Bosh. The point is to surrounded him with the type of players that can grow with him and make his next ten years in Toronto successful.

    And grabbing Nash is still not going to make the team a contender. It's going to give you a team whose ceiling is probably the second round. Unfortunately, it's not as if you can build on that success since Nash's window closes a little more every year. And once Nash is gone or declines, there's absolutely no reason a free agent will want to come to Toronto. Free agents want to know they will have long term success, which is why Cleveland had so much trouble signing good players last summer. Players don't care what the team did in the past. They care about what the team will do in the future.

    And if you want to turn the team into a contender with Nash, that means trading the draft pick, DeRozan and Weems for veterans. You can't have both.

    You guys also have to get over this belief that great players will automatically help younger players achieve their potential. They won't. Barbosa has played behind Nash for 6 years and they are even good friends off the court, but Barbosa never learned to be a PG in all that time. In fact this past season he averaged career low assists (per game and per minute). Besides, it's rare that players teach other players. That's the coaches job. And Nash or the coaches cant turn Bradley isn't a better passer or show him how to run an offense. Most of that is instinctual. It's part of fundamentals that players need to have before they reach the NBA.

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    Quote Vimsanity wrote: View Post
    Wait a second, why would Bosh want to go to a rebuilding Phoenix team?! lol
    They're not really rebuilding I would say. They still have some very good pieces in Frye, Barbosa, Dudley, Hill, and a great young point guard. I do agree that Phoenix may not be the best suited place for Bosh, but I think it's still pretty appealing. Bosh would finally have a decent supporting cast with him. And who knows, Phoenix maybe able to land another super-star. Unlikely, yes. Impossible, no. But if Bosh would be willing would you accept this offer? I would.

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    Tim W....... you can go suck an egg!

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