So I have read a lot of comments saying that bargs needs to be traded or that bosh is playing terribly. I have also read a lot of about how the two don't play well together. So my question to the republic is who would you rather see traded: Bosh or Bargs. Consider everything not just talent. If your answer is niether, please give a way to improve their chemistry (Bosh occasionally starting to kickout to bargs is a great example).

Me I go with bosh being taded. While he is a better player than bargs, we could definately get more for him in a trade. And while I like Bosh (great rebounder, good scorer) I don't think his D is that much better than bargs' (neither are very good) and I think that bargs is propably a better offensive player. Add the fact that Andrea is still slowly improving and the fact we would be paying him a lot less than CB4 come next season and I think he would be a better choice to keep.
As far as who you get, if its bosh being traded get someone like the old Dennis Rodman: shut down D and an oustanding rebounder. If its Bargs who goes, someone who plays above average post D and gets on the offensive glass.