2010 NBA Draft Prospect Interview: Damion James
By Mitch, TRW Staff Writer
June 21, 2010Posted in: 2010 NBA Draft, Interviews

Damion James has two good friends who have gone through the NBA Draft process to turn to if he ever has any questions. During his four years at Texas, Damion got to see two teammates who he calls brothers go in the NBA Draft lottery, Kevin Durant and DJ Augustin. As he tells us, they helped each other through their college careers, so thereís little questions that DJ and Kevin would be quick to give Damion advice if he ever needed it...............

ďPeople really donít know how well I can handle the ball. Iím really not a four, I just played that at Texas you know because thatís what was best for my team because I was the best rebounder. Itís gonna be a lot easier for me now because I can play the wing which is my position. But sometimes Iím gonna have to play the four because, you know, the way the games played now smaller fours are playing a lot so thatís what makes me so valuable in this draft.Ē

ďI really donít know what to say about that. I just know that the team that drafts me is gonna have a player thatís ready to come in and play right away. You know, they wonít have to wait for me to develop. Iím gonna come in right away, knowing what I do and Iím gonna do it to the best of my ability. Guys with potential sometimes it might take them 2, 3, 4 years to develop. Sometimes that potential stuff might not work out so I think a team that gets me is gonna have a great competitor, a player that plays hard and knows what heís doing.Ē

ďAh man. Iím just gonna let them know there ainít no way you canít compete with me and bring the things I bring. Really just take it personal man, and not only take it out on a player but on his team.Ē

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