Insiders close to the Hornets franchise deny any rumors that they are shopping their superstar point gaurd chris Paul. That being said the small market hornets have a ridiculous payroll and need to cut salary for the upcoming season. Also when dealing arguably the best player your team has ever had, if your name isn't Rob Babcock you will probably hold your cards close and deny deny deny any such rumors.

There would undoubtedly be many suiters for the services of Paul but the raps could put together a package of expiring contracts, young assets and draft picks which could be attractive. Here's the proposal....

To the Hornets

Andrea Bargnani
Jarett Jack
Demar Derozan
Marcus Banks
Reggie Evans
Marco Bellinelli
2010 13th overall pick
2012 unprotected 1st round pick

To the Raptors

Chris Paul
James Posey
Emeka Okafor

The hornets are able to obtain 3 nice young assets in Bargs, Jack and DD. Also they will receive around eleven million in expiring deals while getting out of the horrible Okefor contract and rid themselves of Posey one year early. Add in the 2 first round picks and that may just be the icing on the cake.

Is there any way this deal or a similar transaction could be done before the draft? I think this would be a hell of an attempt to keep bosh around and it's one of those rare deals where both teams could be winners.