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Thread: Is Bosh to blame for our performance? Or is it all Triano's fault?

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    Default Is Bosh to blame for our performance? Or is it all Triano's fault?

    Another disappointing loss today. This time against the superior Suns. It was not only Steve Nash and Stoudemire that beat on every Raptor tonight. There were seven Suns in double figures. Nash and Stoudemire made key plays in the second, third and fourth quarter to help their team win this game. Bosh “seemed” to be the only player that had a good stat line. I say “seemed” because what he did on the court did not result into a victory. You probably will ask what else he could have done to help out. Isn’t 30 and 17 enough? It is more than enough!
    On every Raptor win this year Bosh was the catalyst on defense. He made key plays to stop a run he scored when it really mattered and made “hustle” plays.
    Today his +/- was at -16. Belinelli who did not score a point had only 3 rebounds and 17 minute on the floor was at +13. He was the only one of two Raptors to have a + rating on today’s game.
    Then I started wondering what if Bosh’s rating tonight was not an aberration. I looked at his personal production at for the season and confirmed the following:

    Bosh individual production per 48 minutes this year is at -1.3. The Net48 stat denotes the team’s net points per 48 minutes of playing time for the player. To put this in context Stoudemire’s individual production per 48 minutes is at +6. They both play above 70% of the team's total minutes. Stoudemire’s +/- so far this year at +67. Bosh is seating at -17.

    The year the Raptors won 47 games Bosh was at +3.4 (per 48 minutes) and +187 (+/- rating) for the year.

    What does all this tells us? Bosh is playing for himself this year. He is purely playing for the big contract. His individual production from last year matches this year with an eerie similarity. Sure the season is still young but the Raptors as a team is not taking positive steps to improve.

    Then I also considered why Bosh’s production has trailed off since last season. The only factor I could think of was Jay Triano. As I mentioned in a previous post in this blog I do not believe that Triano is the right coach for Toronto at this point. He does not push (or maybe he does, but he does not know what buttons to push) his players hard enough.
    Triano’s substitutions were not great today. Every writer (yes, even Mr. Smith) has hinted that his substitutions and on court combinations do not make sense. Is this another reason for Bosh’s poor performance this and last season?
    Another stat I would like to share with you is to support what Doc suggested the other day about starting Nesterovic over Bargnani:

    Player Min Own Opp Net
    Bosh 74% 30.9 19 11.9
    Turkoglu 67% 15.9 14.2 1.8
    Nesterovic 11% 28.5 13.3 15.2
    Belinelli 38% 17.2 16.1 1.1
    Bargnani 68% 18.9 21.6 -2.8
    Calderon 69% 17.3 21.4 -4.1

    Even though Nesterovic is playing 11% of the team minutes he is FIRST in net production so far this year. Bosh is second with 11.9 and then there is the rest……
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