Could Jose or Jack be on their wayt to either Indiana or Charlotte? Stay tuned.

The piece of news that kind of got short shrift Tuesday – and it’s not hugely significant and it may be just a case of downplaying an impending move – was Bryan on the point guards.

Here’s the transcript:

“Rather than saying we were absolutely going to do something with one of our point guards, it’s more about trying to determine whether or not the two guys can co-exist. And the conversations I’ve had with both players have been very productive, they’ve both said things that make me comfortable and the coaching staff comfortable if they were to come back.

“But as you know, we have to constantly look to improve our roster and if there’s a means to do that and one of those player sis involved then we’ll look to do something. But there’s not a mandate to make a move here. I like both players, signed them both for various reasons and I have to say there’s a lot of talent on our team because I’m getting a lot of calls about several of our players.”

The “but as you know …” thing is the most important there because if there’s a deal, he’s going to make it and I’m told there is quite a bit of interest out there in each of Jarrett Jack and Jose Calderon.

Now, many have read that Indy wants a point guard and I’m told Charlotte’s in the market as well so we can guess phone lines have been burning between those cities.
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