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Quixotic I dont really compare him to many centers because he's playing out of position since we already had a stat padder in his normal position. I'm comparing him to other forwards. Still as a scoring option he ranks right up there behind some of the best centers.
Okay, okay, you need to get the stat padder argument out of your system. Too much bitter QQ. Also, why would you compare him to bigs for points and then say to compare him to SFs for points? I assume you mean SF because if you meant PF, Bargnani is still one of the worst rebounders per minute at that position. Get that part straight, then make an argument.

And as for what tbthis said, I'm a big proponent of the unorthodox -- Bargnani doesn't have to rebound well just because he's 7 feet tall. But when his defensive position is as a 4 or 5 (no, he's too slow to guard most NBA 3s not named Turkoglu), that means you typically have one less starting spot for a 4/5 who CAN rebound, so you need your 1s, 2s or 3s to pick up the slack in the rebounding department.

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Also the neuroscience comment says what? that you are smarter...give me a break!! You're entitled to your views as I am mine, but don't imply I'm inferior in intillect to you or Timmy. I know what he was saying [...]
No, it means it wasn't hard to understand, and if you did understand what was being said, why did you bother regurgitating everything he said, only re-worded?