This team needs heart and defense, a player capable of bringing the same type of energy in every game.

I've posted this trade idea in the past and I still think is the best option avalible for this team.

And I think this is the exact player the raptors need.

Basicaly the trade could be this:

Sacramento gets: Antoine Wright, Marcus Banks and Patrick O'Briant

Toronto gets: Andres Nocioni

With this move, the Kings save almost 10 mill from Nocioni's contract which has three years left. They get a young player with a expiring contract, capable of playing the role of francisco garcia (who is down for a long time with an injury) and get a back up and young center, one of their biggest needs. The rapotrs get the must needed defensive minded SF capable of playing also the PF spot and they get rid of banks contract. Wright has not been what we expected this season and Weems could take his spot.

The other option is:

With this move the kings get two back up big men to help their frontcourt and a 4 mill expiring contract. And the Raptor's get a third PG in case one of the rotation PG gets injures