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Thread: Can the Draft Picks Be Traded NOW?

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    Raptor4Ever: Did I seem like I was sensitive there? I didn't mean to come off that way at all.

    Anyways, I think Collison is a good player, and he played well when Chris Paul was injured, but I think there are still alot of unknowns with him. Sure he's had a good season. But at the same time he does have Chris Paul in NO to mentor and help him right? Who excatly will be able to do that here in Toronto? I don't know how much that would factor into a player's development though.. I'm just throwing my thoughts out there. The worst part is though, I really don't see how basically Okafor for Hedo will help us in the rebuilding process. Okafor's numbers have always been around the same I believe.. I don't think that he's gotten much better in all the years that he's been in the league now.. and his contract is massive. It's around the same as Hedo's with the trade kicker I think.. We don't really get any cap space here either..

    I don't know.. maybe there are other options out there? And isn't Hedo's trade value pretty much rock bottom right now? I think that if he ends up back in Toronto, so be it. He's being paid, it's his job. If he doesn't like it, then take a buyout for nothing.. But I really don't think that we should "offload" him for a contract that is basically identical.

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    Quote Raptor4Ever wrote: View Post
    LOL, it was not sarcastic. I told you before I enjoy ur posts and find them very informative.
    you and Quix.. both put up a great and logical points and I can see how your plans can work in the long run.
    Tim is such a jaded kat.

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