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Thread: Picking the "Scraps" of the 2010 Draft

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    Default Picking the "Scraps" of the 2010 Draft

    Now the NBA 2010 draft is over, and Raptors did grab some talent from this draft (Davis, Alabi),
    Some of the undrafted players I think could still brings value to the Raps;

    -Zoubek, tough 7 ft center 260lb, high basketball IQ, decent rebounder. Our original plan was to draft Aldrich, a defensive minded centre to pair with Barg who will set screens, box out and do all the dirty work, Zoubek could be a very-poor-mans' version of Aldrich.

    -Mikahail Torrance, 6'5 point guard, athletic pass first point guard, plays good defense, in some mock draft he was projected to go lower first round. With uncertainty surrounding Jose/Jarret, grabbing this kid would certainly give us a capable backup if one of them gets traded.

    At this point, the raps could bring both of these guys in and try them out, and get an extensive look at them through summer league, its a low-risk, high reward move.
    Here's some more undrafted player list, you see anyone else that could help out the raps ?

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    Zoubek has decided to play on New Jersey's summer team.

    I believe Torrance has agreed to play for the Bobcat's summer team as well.

    I don't know if the following players have been picked for summer teams yet but I'd be interested to see (on the summer team, not necessarily on the Raps):

    C Parakhouski (Boston)
    PF Samuels
    PG Randle (Washington)
    PG Shved

    in additional to Torrance and Zoubek

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    Default Sylven Landesberg

    Landesberg passes the eye test for an NBA wing with great size at 6-6 and a 6-9 wingspan. Plus, he is only 20 years old and averaged 17 points a game during his two seasons at Virginia. He is adept at getting to the basket and does have a pretty decent outside jumper. During his two years in the ACC, Landesberg had games of 24 against Florida State, 20 against Duke and even 32 versus Boston College. Landesbergís problem is that he is an average defender at best and isnít overly athletic. Heís kind of a poor manís Chris Douglas-Roberts. He was highly touted coming out of high school and for a while during his freshman season, there were rumblings Landesberg was better than Tyreke Evans. Obviously, most scouts came back down to Earth with his projections. He is going to have to prove he can to make a roster, but Iím thinking he is going to land somewhere. Landesberg is good enough to put up big numbers in the NBA summer leagues and thatíll bring some much needed attention to him.
    Source: Dime Mag

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    The undrafted list is where BC's scouting staff has to show their wares. I am sure there could be a couple of nuggets to be found especially among international players.

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