Jose's assist distribution: Last year it was skewed heavily towards Bosh. He was using the high screen, not doing anything and passing it back to CB4 for a J. If he maintains his AST/TO and his assist distribution should be more or less evenly distributed between Bosh, Bargnani and Turkoglu he'll be doing an excellent job.

DeMar DeRozan field goal percentage: They say the rookie's got an excellent mid-range game. That's an exaggeration, it's more like a so-so mid-range game with room to get better. If he shoots between 45-48%, that would be great, for the pre-season he's at 38%. Spotting up hasn't been an issue for him but his accuracy off the pull-up dribble hasn't been great. Dave Hopla to the rescue.

Bargnani's PER 36 or 48 rebounding. Sometimes his rebounding numbers take a huge hit because he picks up quick fouls and goes to the bench and doesn't return till the second half or so. Last year he was 10th on the team in PER 48, hopefully he can move up to around 4 or 5.

Opposing FG percentage. Last year we were 21st in the league at 46%, this number became a little more respectable after the JO trade. This is the best indicator of team defense and we should improve this by at least 2%. Since all the focus of training camp has been D so far, I actually think once our conditioning is straightened out, we'll improve here considerably for two reasons: 1) We have better athletes on the team and 2) Triano has a defensive scheme which promises to hide our weaknesses and help efficiently. Mitchell didn't have that and hopefully Triano can get that sorted out sooner than later.