I discussed this over at the blog today, but I wanted to get some opinions here too. I know people have complained about this team's lack of defensive ability & toughness for ages now, but who here thinks the conditioning of certain players is the real issue at hand and not entirely the other factors?

I know to start the season Hedo had the injuries to deal with which obviously would affect his own stamina, but what's his issue now? As I mentioned today, he looks like he's smoked a carton of cigarettes on most nights and dragging arse. Same could be said for Jose and also Andrea some games. Is the issue the lack of conditioning and that Jay should be working these guys harder in practice, or are they being overworked and it's just a matter of moderating some of the starters minutes while dispersing more PT to some of the energy players off the bench? (i.e. Weems, Amir, Pops)