Great read courtesy of Dave from "NBA Roundtable".

Dave discusses two terrifying situations which pertain to the Raptors future:

* Benching Bargnani
* Sign and Trade Chris Bosh

Bench Bargnani

Firstly, let me get this out of the way, I fully agree that benching Bargnani will make the Raptors a better basketball team. Those who’ve read my thoughts on Bargnani in the past know why I think that (negatives defensively + rebounding outweigh the offensive contributions). However, while it helps, it becomes one of those situations where the phrase “short term gain, long term pain” applies.

Andrea Bargnani is a 24 year old seven foot sweet shooting center who scores 18-20 points per game and has potential. While he has serious flaws and while there are many teams who will be turned off those flaws … there will always be GM’s who see value + upside in a prospect like Bargnani. Seven footers who can score the ball like he can are rare + valuable.
Clearly the front court model of Bargnani and Bosh isn't working. It is on some nights, but for the most part those nights are few and far between. I agree with Dave in that I too feel that cutting back Andrea's minutes will help the team as a whole, but if there are any chances on moving him anytime soon, the less he plays the less his value becomes. So right now, we're screwed if we do, we're screwed if we don't.

So, as Dave says we're better off playing him as much as possible which in turn will only increase his value on the market if that's a route Colangelo decides to go if he can re-sign Bosh long term which brings us to Dave's second terrifying situation:

Sign and Trade Chris Bosh

The most terrifying part of a Chris Bosh sign and trade is Bryan Colangelo agreeing to take back long term contracts. Trying to get as much talent as possible and agreeing to take back players like a Luol Deng or a Monta Ellis or whoever … in order to say he got the best package available and add the most talent possible to the Raptors squad.

In doing so, another $10+ million contract to a non-elite player when combined with Andrea Bargnani, Jose Calderon, and Hedo Turkoglu will tie the Raptors hands financially ($40+ million for those four players) for the next 3-5 years and make life extremely difficult for the Raptors down the road.

Toronto is better off to let Chris Bosh leave and have the full + instant cap flexibility from that decision … rather than accepting back mediocre to poor long term contracts (even a good contract is problematic).

Once again, this is a short term gain (added talent via sign and trade) in exchange for long term pain (lack of a future, tied to mediocrity) situation.
So say Colangelo can't retain Bosh long term, who do you think Bryan should be looking at for suitors for not only Bosh but more importantly, for the Raptors?

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