Ugh ... no thank you. I think I'd take Yogi Stewart back before acquiring A.I.

Anyhow, did an article today discussing 7 teams that should want Iverson's services. And we're one of the 7 teams.

Toronto: There's definitely 30 mpg available in Toronto. With Jose Calderon and Hedo Turkoglu, Iverson would have little-to-zero facilitating responsibilities and could focus strictly on scoring. And, although a Calderon/Iverson backcourt is about as bad defensively as Nash/Iverson, what Iverson would bring with him is more important. The Raptors have been soft and essentially swag-less since Charles Oakley bounced and Vince Carter gave up. What you have now is fairly talented team with a lot of potential, but missing a strut in their steps. If nothing else, Iverson gives the Raptors some machismo. And the hoops-crazed fans in Ontario would love him. In terms of effort, he's the anti-VC.
So, who here would take a chance on Iverson?

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