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Actually, you yourself admitted that Bargnani has trouble guarding the quicker, more perimeter oriented players. The only player he guards well are the back to the basket players. The other ones he has trouble guarding. The problem is that Bargnani is really only effective defensively guarding centers down low, but he's not good playing help defense. If he's asked to guard smaller, more perimeter players, he's not nearly as effective, yet he conceivably won't be asked to help out as much (although that is up for debate).

Bargnani simply doesn't have lateral quickness, quick feet or anticipation to be able to guard players out of the paint. The same reason he is not a good help defender is the same reason he's not good at guarding out of the paint. It requires a little more understanding of defense and the tendencies of your opponent. In other words, it usually requires a higher level of basketball IQ, something Bargnani simply doesn't have. Bargnani is a good post defender because he has good length and tends to stay on his feet rather than try and jump to block shots. His lack of anticipation actually works in his favour in the post because he doesn't fall for fakes.
For me Tim, this is a question of what will hurt us more: Bargs being our main help guy or Bargs sometimes getting burned by the smaller faster player he is guarding. I think I would rather have one player on the other team burn us once in a while than have our main help defender watch as the other team lays the ball in unchallenged over and over again which is what we may see if Bargs can't improve his D. Now I've said it before, I think Bargs can get better at both his help defense and his anticipation through hard work and better scouting, so I'd like to give him anther season to develop into his role, but the time is coming very soon where he will have to d up or get out.
Other than his poor help D why do you think of him as having poor b-ball IQ? He actually passes fairly well when he puts his mind to it, and he seems to have picked up how to defend in the post very rapidly, something I can't say a lot of guys in the league learn to do.