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No, he's soft, he's a diva, RuPaul as he's known around the league.

Mikki Moore owned his ass in the playoffs. KG and Sheed owned his ass every time he played against them.

Good bye Bosh, we won't miss you.
For a soft player, he certainly draws a lot of fouls. And Shaq, who might be legally retarded, called him RuPaul because Shaq will do anything to get attention.

Mikki Moore was exactly the type of player that Bosh had trouble against before this season because of his length and quickness. Lots of great players have trouble against certain types of defenders.

Oh, and Bosh averaged 25.3 ppg on .644 shooting and 11.7 rpg against Boston this year. If KG and Sheed owned his ass, apparently they should have got a refund.

Bosh may have his faults, but he's head and shoulders above anyone on the team and the only reason the Raptors was even in a playoff hunt at all.