What are your offseason plans?

Michael Beasley: Working out. Get better. Iím going to play the summer league. Pretty much donít stop. I havenít had any vacation. I just went straight to working out. I feel I can do a lot to improve my game to help the team and take us further to the playoffs.

Any special routine this summer?

MB: No, Iíll use the regular coaches, assistant coaches.

Did you see draft night?

MB: Not at all. I was flying to Europe. I missed the draft, the U.S. soccer gameÖ I missed everything (laughs).

Do you like soccer?

MB: I donít follow soccer a lot, but Iím definitely interested about whatís happening in the World Cup.

Right now thereís only two players with guaranteed contracts on the Heat roster: Mario Chalmers and you. Does it feel strange that itís very possible that youíll have almost a new entire team next season?

MB: Itís crazy when you think about it. But you wonít see too many seasons like this. Some players might stay at the end, but itís true that we might have almost a new roster next season. Weíll start over.

How do you feel about Wadeís chances of staying in Miami?

MB: I definitely feel that heíll stay. Heís accomplished a lot in Miami, he won a championship and a Finals MVPÖ He already has laid his foundation.

Among the big free agents, who would gell great with you and Dwyane?

MB: Anybody. You know Chris BoshÖ Amare Stoudemire would be great. Of course LeBron James would fit in right away. But as of right now we must grow as a team, get better and things will just work out.

After two seasons, do you feel like you have become kind of a lightning rod for criticism during your career?

MB: I do. Honestly, I donít see why. Everybody makes mistakes and I feel like sometimes mine have been magnified. I feel like Iím expected to act older than what I am. Iím not saying thatís a reason to do some of the things Iíve done. But you know, Iím like everybody else: I make mistakes, learn from them and move on with your life.

And after two seasons, your life has changed. Youíre an NBA player. Do you still stick together with your old crew of friends?

MB: Yeah. I donít have too many friends. Actually I have a crew of two people: me and a buddy from high school.

Ron Artest was often criticized during the season after signing with the Lakers, but after Game 7 of the Finals everybody was talking about how he had redeemed himself. Do you see that as an example or inspiration?

MB: I donít. You know, everybody has his own past. Iím following my own path, trying to execute my plan as well as possible and grow, not only as a player but as a person. Like I said before, everybody commits mistakes, and thatís how you build your characterÖ What do you do after mistakes.
Source: Hoops Hype