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Thread: ESPN Insider: Bulls Will Try & Sign Bosh to Convince LeBron

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    Default ESPN Insider: Bulls Will Try & Sign Bosh to Convince LeBron

    Just some more rumours to help pass your afternoon.

    Sources told the Chicago Sun-Times that the Bulls may try to sign Chris Bosh first as a way to convince LeBron James to come to Chicago and to keep Bosh away from other Eastern Conference teams.

    If the Bulls can't get Bosh to be their starting power forward, they could go after Carlos Boozer or Amare Stoudemire.

    The Bulls still have to make one more deal to be able to offer two max contracts.

    We've discussed the fact that the Bulls may not be the only team to land someone before angling for the James. The New York Knicks are said to be looking to sign Joe Johnson quickly as an enticement for LeBron..
    Source - Click here

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    Hmmmmm.... Can he REALLY play for both Miami AND Chicago? Aren't there NBA rules about that kind of thing? What if the play against each other? Would he cover himself?

    You have to admit... it's pretty funny watching all these Raps fans saying "good riddance" while there's a feeding frenzy going on for his services.

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    bulls might have the best package deal for the raps
    i prefer okc or houston as a trading partner although okc gm tends to steal players
    okc and houston have good assets

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